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Welcome to the ILS Reentry wiki. The resources provided here have been located and organized by the Institutional Library Services, a Washington State Library program. If a link is broken, a resource is out of date, or you know of a good addition to the wiki please contact Laura Sherbo [email protected] and Anna Nash [email protected].

Reentry Resources

Resources for people who are currently incarcerated

Resources for people who are currently incarcerated, contents include select DOC policies and publications, guides to resources (free books, pen pals, religious and legal correspondence, etc.), colleges that offer correspondence courses, and legal resources.

Recursos en español

Recursos en español para reentrada la comunidad.

Forms of Identification

Includes resources for locating and acquiring a Social Security Card, Driver's License (including what to do if you have a suspended license), and Birth Certificate.

Statewide/National Resources

Resources that are available to individuals regardless of their physical location in the state. This includes resources for Housing, Employment and Education, Health and Benefits.

Resources by County

County specific resources.

DOC Policies and Publications

Reentry specific DOC Policies and Publications.

Legal Assistance and Literature

Self-help guides to reentry specific legal issues, i.e. LFOs and legal assistance for low-moderate income individuals.


Veteran specific resources including how to request a copy of a DD214.

Tribal Resources

Washington State tribal resources including social services available to tribal members and enrollment information where available.

Queer & LGBTQIA+ Resources

Services and resources for LGBTQIA+ people, including legal rights, health information, local organizations and resource guides.

Financial Literacy, Coaching and Counseling

Resources and services to assist with increasing financial literacy and addressing financial issue such as debt and credit repair.

Advocacy Organizations

Community organizations that advocate for rights of the incarcerated and justices system involved individuals.

Family Resources

Resources for parents who are incarcerated and family members in the community who have an incarcerated loved one.

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