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Dealing with the Media

Modified on 2015/08/28 16:37 by Jeremy Stroud Categorized as Meetings, Tips
  • Speak slowly;
  • Use general terms and avoid jargon;
  • Avoid humor or satire;
  • Keep it brief – remember that comments will be condensed, perhaps out of context;
  • Use it as an opportunity to tell your library’s story;
  • Remember that nothing requires you to answer a reporter’s question.
  • Remember that it is never off the record!
  • Coordinate your message by:
    • Making sure the board is notified when media coverage occurs;
    • Having talking points ready for sensitive or important issues;
    • Speaking with one voice – the united voice of the board has the most powerful positive impact for the library. Different voices saying different things may result in adverse publicity for the library.

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