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Does a library board have the power to dispose of surplus property belonging to a library district by selling it? 2020/11/10 11:37 2020/11/10 16:57 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
Does a library board have the power to sell property? 2020/11/10 11:29 2020/11/10 16:58 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
Establishment Definitions 2017/09/08 14:26 2017/09/08 14:28 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudDefinitions, Establishment
Establishment of Public Libraries 2012/11/06 14:04 2020/11/09 16:48 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment
Establishment of Public Libraries FAQ 2020/11/09 16:47 2020/11/12 15:56 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
Establishment of Public Libraries Resoruces 2020/11/09 16:36 2020/11/09 16:37 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, Resources
How is a ballot title certified for a regional library or intercounty rural library district? 2020/11/12 14:58 2020/11/12 14:58 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
If a city contracts with a library district for a range of library services less than the range of services the district provides to its own residents, may the library district charge fees to nonresidents for use of services beyond those included in the contract? 2020/11/12 15:48 2020/11/12 15:49 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
If a rural partial-county library district annexes a city or town that maintains its own library, which municipal corporation owns the property of the already established library? 2020/11/12 15:32 2020/11/12 15:32 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
If an election were held to form a rural county library district, would the vote on the proposition be restricted to the unserved people in the county, or would it also include those already in a partial-county rural library district? 2020/11/10 11:19 2020/11/10 16:58 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ, Special Elections
If an incorporated city or town with an established library is annexed to a rural partial-county library district, what happens to the city/town library board of trustees? 2020/11/12 15:43 2020/11/12 15:43 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
In the case of a Regional Library, who has the authority to bring condemnation proceedings against a property owner? 2020/11/10 11:27 2020/11/10 16:58 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
Is there any way of transferring title to a city when property was given to, or purchased by, the library board? 2020/11/10 11:30 2020/11/10 16:57 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
May a code city contract with a library district for a different range of library services than the library district provides to its own residents? 2020/11/12 15:44 2020/11/12 15:46 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
May a proposition for the establishment of a library district be put to the ballot at a primary election? 2020/11/10 16:54 2020/11/10 16:54 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
Must a petition to dissolve an intercounty rural library district be signed by at least 10% of registered voters in every involved county? 2020/11/12 15:07 2020/11/12 15:07 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
Per RCW 27.12.100, voters in an existing intercounty library district may participate, with voters outside of the district, in elections to establish a new expanded intercounty rural library district. In this case, would an existing intercounty library district dissolve if voters of that district rejected an expanded district? 2020/11/12 15:25 2020/11/12 15:25 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
What are requirements for petitions for the formation of library districts? 2020/11/10 10:55 2020/11/10 16:58 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
When are special elections held? 2020/11/10 10:52 2020/11/10 16:59 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ, Special Elections
When do petitions need to be submitted? 2020/11/10 11:15 2020/11/10 16:58 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ, Special Elections
Who is responsible for the costs incurred in the formation election for an intercounty rural library district? 2020/11/10 15:16 2020/11/10 16:56 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ
Who pays for special elections? 2020/11/10 10:53 2020/11/10 16:59 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudEstablishment, FAQ, Special Elections
Who should hold title to property purchased by a rural county library district or intercounty rural library district using district funds? 2020/11/12 15:56 2020/11/12 15:56 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudBudgeting, Establishment, FAQ

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