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Crisis Clinic of Thurston and Mason Counties - Thurston Community Resources [1]

  • Crisis Clinic of Thurston and Mason Counties was established in 1972. The Crisis Clinic began with a merger of four emergency after-hours lines operating in the Olympia area: Community Mental Health, Youth Emergency Service, Interaction Foundation, and The Evergreen State College. Our resources and referrals are kept current by our Volunteers using the 2-1-1 Washington Information Network.
  • Source Page [2]

Thurston Together

  • Family Resource Guide of Thurston County [3]
  • At TOGETHER! we know healthy families create healthy and successful children. We publish and produce materials to help families find the resources and information they need to be successful. This guide is a comprehensive guide of agencies and services geared towards families.
  • Source Page [4]
  • Spanish version located in Recursos Condado

SideWalk [5]

  • We put housing first. Housing is the key to success for every other personal pursuit. SideWalk aims to end homelessness by offering rapid access to housing. It’s really that simple. Homeless? Looking for assistance? Call the hotline: 1-844-628-7343
  • About [6]
  • What We Do [8]
    • Who We Help/Eligibility [9]
  • Community Court [10]

Thurston County Food Bank [11]

  • There are no income guidelines to access regular services at the food bank and it is free of charge. If possible, please bring picture I.D. and a current piece of mail. You will also need bags for about a week’s worth of groceries.
  • Hours & Location [12]
  • Programs & Requirements [13]

YWCA Olympia

  • YWCA Olympia has served girls, womxn and their families in the South Sound since 1945. The agency has worked tirelessly to change history, resulting in significant impact – from civil rights to women’s rights, from advocacy for women’s health care to an end to violence against women and girls. We accomplish this by providing direct service to individuals, educating the community on relevant issues, and conducting advocacy to promote systemic change. YWCA Olympia’s mission is to eliminate racism and sexism to advance the social, political, and economic status of all women and girls. Our vision is a world where all people are valued, live free from oppression and thrive in a just society.
  • What We're Doing [14]
  • Kathleen's Closet - professional attire for women [15]
  • The Other Bank hygiene [16]
  • Racial Justice Programs & Initiatives [17]
  • Advocacy [18]
  • Economic Empowerment Program [19]
    • The Women's Economic Empowerment Program (EEP) is a unique gender-responsive career development program preparing folks who identify as women and/or gender non-conforming for careers in administration or human services

Olympia Union Gospel Mission

  • Men's Recovery Program & Jeremiah House [20]
    • The Mission operates the Jeremiah House for men. Men in this transformation program learn valuable life and work skills while breaking the bondage of addictions or other life controlling issues.
  • Women’s Transformation Program [21]
    • Today in the United States, women with children comprise the fastest growing homeless population. Through The Genesis Acres Recovery Program, single women and single women with children find a safe place to live and care for their children while recovering from addictions, abuse, divorce or other emotional traumas.
  • Meals, hygiene, clothing, donations [22]
  • Vision Clinic [23]
  • Dental Clinic [24]

Family Support Center of South Sound [25]

  • The Family Support Center seeks to build strong, healthy, safe, and hopeful families through six collaborative programs and multiple services, utilizing a “one-stop-shop” model. The Family Support Center diligently works to end family homelessness, poverty, and family violence through programs.
  • About [26]
  • Homeless Family Services [27]
  • Pear Blossom Place: A Family Support Community (24-hour emergency homeless family shelter which includes 7 permanent affordable supportive housing units with on-site supportive services) [28]
  • Parent & Child Education [29]
  • Family Resource Services Navigator Program [30]
  • Family Justice Center Program [31]

Reduced Fare Bus Transit for Seniors and Disabled Persons

  • The Regional Reduced Fare Permit simplifies travel for senior and disabled riders of public transportation around Puget Sound. The following public transportation systems in the Puget Sound region recognize this identification card: Serving Clallam Transit, Community Transit, Everett Transit, Intercity Transit, Jefferson Transit, King County, Metro Transit, King County, Water Taxi, Kitsap Transit, Mason Transit, Pierce County Ferries, Pierce Transit, Skagit Transit, Sound Transit, WSDOT Ferries Division (WSF), Whatcom Transportation Authority
  • Application [32]
  • Source Page [33]

Lacey Veterans Services Hub [34]

  • We are proud to provide assistance to all Veterans and their families in Thurston County. We are a one-stop shop for the needs of veterans and their families. It is our community's way of thanking you for your service and sacrifice. Lacey Veterans Services Hub provides benefits assistance, on-site counseling, housing assistance, financial assistance and counseling, employment assistance, education assistance, nutrition assistance, healthcare assistance, legal assistance, and transportation assistance.
  • Thurston County Veterans Resource Resource Guides
    • Chemical Dependency [35]
    • Clothing_Furniture Assistance [36]
    • Communications [37]
    • Education [38]
    • Emergency Shelters-Housing-Homeless Services [39]
    • Family Support [40]
    • Food Banks [41]
    • Health Care [42]
    • Hot food locations [43]
    • Hygiene [44]
    • Mental Health and Therapeutic Services [45]
    • Multiple Resource Facilities [46]
    • Rent_Utility_Housing Assistance [47]
    • State_Federal Food and Child Assistance [48]
    • Transportation Services [49]
    • Veteran Service Organizations [50]
  • Also located on the Veterans Page

Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason, and Thurston Counties [51]

  • The Community Action Council strengthens individuals and families to lessen the impacts of poverty.
  • Hunger [52]
    • Emergency Food Assistance Program TEFAP [53]
    • Emergency Food Assistance (Mason County) [54]
  • Affordable Housing [55]
    • Coordinated Entry [56]
    • Energy Assistance [57]
    • Eviction Rent Assistance [58]
    • Foundational Community Supports [59]
    • Housing and Essential Needs [60]
    • Rapid Rehousing [61]
    • Thurston County Emergency Relief Fund [62]
    • Utility Assistance [65]
    • Weatherization [66]
  • Also on Lewis County and Mason County pages.

Ingersoll Gender Center Thurston County TGNC Resource Guide [67]

  • Greetings! This guide was put together through the efforts of Ingersoll Gender Center. We relied on the support of community organizations in Thurston County like Stonewall Youth, Pizza Klatch, and community leaders throughout the process of building these guides. This guide is meant for trans and/or gender non-conforming folks who are navigating resources in Thurston County. We’ve built this guide through surveys, meetings, listening sessions, and community conversations. We recognize that many of the resources listed in this guide are not long term solutions. To the best of our ability, we have vetted them to ensure that they are familiar with the trans and gender non-conforming communities. Some of them are used to working with our communities, some have more work to do. We look forward to a world in which all trans and/or gender diverse folks are able to access resources without worrying about their safety and well-being. We also know that our communities are resilient. That trans and/or gender non-conforming communities have been here since people have been in what we now call Washington state, and we will continue to leverage these resources the best we can to live the lives we deserve to live. We hope you find this guide useful, and that you may see bits of yourself in here. Support is here and available to help you in navigating these resources.
  • Source Page [68]
  • Also on Queer & LGBTQIA+ Resources Page
  • Also on Recursos en español Recursos Condado

Public Library

Timberland Regional Library [69]

  • Get a Library card [70]
  • Borrowing Items from the library [71]
  • Online Resources [72]
  • Locations [73]
  • Frequently Asked Questions [74]
    • Expanded FAQ for offline use and printing [75] Link note: clicking this link will automatically initiate printing.

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