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What process must a city or town use to accept a donation?

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MRSC posts the following response:

“Every city and town in the state has the authority to accept donations. There is no specific process set out in state law, and a public hearing is not required before the donation can be accepted.

RCW 35.21.100 provides:

Every city and town by ordinance may accept any money or property donated, devised, or bequeathed to it and carry out the terms of the donation, devise, or bequest, if within the powers granted by law. If no terms or conditions are attached to the donation, devise, or bequest, the city or town may expend or use it for any municipal purpose.

Although this language can reasonably be interpreted to mean that a city must pass an ordinance to accept each and every donation it receives, many cities interpret it to mean that the city must establish by ordinance a procedure for accepting donations. Some cities authorize a particular city official, such as a clerk-treasurer or city manager/administrator, to accept donations on behalf of the city. Others provide that the council will do so, and, unless specified, that could be done by motion or resolution.

In the absence of a delegation of authority to accept donations, we recommend, at a minimum, that the city council pass a motion or resolution accepting the donation.”

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