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An informal AGO Opinion issued 5/8/1962, signed by Jane Dowdle Smith and addressed to Maryan E. Reynolds, states:

“We think it is clear that if the legislature had intended that library districts be liable for the costs incurred by the county in the formation election, it would have expressly provided therefor… We conclude, therefore, that a newly formed intercounty rural library district is not liable for the costs incurred in the formation election but that such costs must be borne by each county within the district. However, once the library district has been formed, the provisions of RCW 29.04.020, supra, become applicable to all other elections held by the district.”

RCW 29.04.020 has since been disposed, and the portion of code that now determines liability for election costs incurred by existing districts, such as existing intercounty rural library districts, is RCW 29A.04.410.

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