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Limitation of levies

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RCW 84.52.050 Limitation of levies.

Except as hereinafter provided, the aggregate of all tax levies upon real and personal property by the state and all taxing districts, now existing or hereafter created, shall not in any year exceed one percentum of the true and fair value of such property in money: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That nothing herein shall prevent levies at the rates now provided by law by or for any port or public utility district. The term "taxing district" for the purposes of this section shall mean any political subdivision, municipal corporation, district, or other governmental agency authorized by law to levy, or have levied for it, ad valorem taxes on property, other than a port or public utility district. Such aggregate limitation or any specific limitation imposed by law in conformity therewith may be exceeded only as authorized by law and in conformity with the provisions of Article VII, section 2(a), (b), or (c) of the Constitution of the state of Washington.

Nothing herein contained shall prohibit the legislature from allocating or reallocating the authority to levy taxes between the taxing districts of the state and its political subdivisions in a manner which complies with the aggregate tax limitation set forth in this section.


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