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RCW 27.12.210 Library trustees — Organization — Bylaws — Powers and duties.

The trustees, immediately after their appointment or election, shall meet and organize by the election of such officers as they deem necessary. They shall:

  1. Adopt such bylaws, rules, and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of the library as they deem expedient;
  2. Have the supervision, care, and custody of all property of the library, including the rooms or buildings constructed, leased, or set apart therefor;
  3. Employ a librarian, and upon his or her recommendation employ such other assistants as may be necessary, all in accordance with the provisions of *RCW 27.08.010, prescribe their duties, fix their compensation, and remove them for cause;
  4. Submit annually to the legislative body a budget containing estimates in detail of the amount of money necessary for the library for the ensuing year; except that in a library district the board of library trustees shall prepare its budget, certify the same and deliver it to the board of county commissioners in ample time for it to make the tax levies for the purpose of the district;
  5. Have exclusive control of the finances of the library;
  6. Accept such gifts of money or property for library purposes as they deem expedient;
  7. Lease or purchase land for library buildings;
  8. Lease, purchase, or erect an appropriate building or buildings for library purposes, and acquire such other property as may be needed therefor;
  9. Purchase books, periodicals, maps, and supplies for the library; and
  10. Do all other acts necessary for the orderly and efficient management and control of the library.


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