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RCW 27.12.050 Rural library districts — Board of library trustees — Tax levies.

  1. After the board of county commissioners has declared a rural county library district established, it shall appoint a board of library trustees and provide funds for the establishment and maintenance of library service for the district by making a tax levy on the property in the district of not more than fifty cents per thousand dollars of assessed value per year sufficient for the library service as shown to be required by the budget submitted to the board of county commissioners by the board of library trustees, and by making a tax levy in such further amount as shall be authorized pursuant to RCW 27.12.222 or 84.52.052 or 84.52.056. Such levies shall be a part of the general tax roll and shall be collected as a part of the general taxes against the property in the district.
  2. The initial levy rate may not exceed the rate limit in subsection (1) of this section or, if applicable, the initial maximum levy rate contained in the ballot proposition approved by the voters to create the district. In subsequent years, the levy rate may be increased as authorized under chapter 84.55 RCW.


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