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Charitable Solicitations

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Chapter 19.09 RCW Charitable solicitations

RCW Sections
19.09.062Fees—Charitable organizations—Commercial fund-raisers.
19.09.065Charitable organizations and commercial fund-raisers—Registration required—Public record—Registration not endorsement.
19.09.068Application for registration—When registered—Incomplete application—Failure to pay filing fee.
19.09.071Application for registration—Solicitation report—Violation.
19.09.075Charitable organizations—Application for registration or renewal—Contents—Fee.
19.09.079Commercial fund-raisers—Application for registration or renewal—Contents—Fee.
19.09.081Application requirements—Exemptions.
19.09.085Registration—Duration—Change—Notice to reregister (as amended by 2011 c 183).
19.09.085Registration—Duration—Notice to renew—When registered—Incomplete application—Failure to pay filing fee (as amended by 2011 c 199).
19.09.097Contract with commercial fund-raiser—Limitations—Registration form—Contents—Copy—Fee.
19.09.100Conditions applicable to solicitations.
19.09.191Commercial fund-raisers—Surety bond.
19.09.200Books, records, and contracts.
19.09.210Records requests.
19.09.230Use of the name, symbol, statement, or emblem of another entity—Filing.
19.09.271Failure to register—Late filing fee—Notice to attorney general.
19.09.276Waiver of rule-set penalties—Notice by organization seeking relief—Investigation.
19.09.277Violations—Attorney general—Cease and desist order—Temporary order.
19.09.279Violations—Secretary of state—Penalty—Hearing—Recovery in superior court.
19.09.305Service on secretary when registrant not found—Procedure—Fee—Costs.
19.09.315Forms and procedures—Filing of financial statement—Publications—Fee.
19.09.340Violations deemed unfair practice under chapter 19.86 RCW—Application of chapter 9.04 RCW—Procedure.
19.09.355Moneys to be transmitted to general fund.
19.09.400Attorney general—Investigations—Publication of information.
19.09.410Attorney general—Investigations—Powers—Superior court may compel.
19.09.420Copies of information for attorney general.
19.09.430Administrative procedure act to govern administration.
19.09.440Annual report by secretary of state.
19.09.510Charitable organization education program.
19.09.530Charitable organization education account.
19.09.541Tiered financial reporting requirements.
19.09.550Charitable advisory council.
19.09.560Reciprocal agreements with other states.
19.09.910Severability—1973 1st ex.s. c 13.
19.09.911Severability—1983 c 265.
19.09.912Effective date—1983 c 265.
19.09.913Effective date—1986 c 230.
19.09.914Severability—1993 c 471.
19.09.915Effective date—1993 c 471.
19.09.916Construction—Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships—2009 c 521.


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