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Charitable Trusts

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Chapter 11.110 RCW Charitable trusts

RCW Sections
11.110.010Purpose of chapter.
11.110.040Information, documents, and reports are public records—Inspection—Publication.
11.110.051Registration of trustee—Requirements—Exception—Application of chapter to nonregistered trustees.
11.110.060Instrument establishing trust, inventory of assets, registration status, successor trustee information, and amendments to be filed.
11.110.070Tax or information return or report—Filing—Rules—Forms.
11.110.075Trust not exclusively for charitable purposes—Instrument and information not public—Access.
11.110.090Uniformity of chapter with laws of other states.
11.110.100Investigations by attorney general authorized—Appearance and production of books, papers, documents, etc., may be required.
11.110.110Order to appear—Effect—Enforcement—Appellate review.
11.110.120Proceedings to secure compliance and proper trust administration—Attorney general to be notified of judicial proceedings involving charitable trust—Powers and duties additional.
11.110.125Violations—Refusal to file reports, perform duties, etc.
11.110.130Violations—Civil action may be prosecuted.
11.110.200Tax Reform Act of 1969, state implementation—Application of RCW 11.110.200 through 11.110.260 to certain trusts defined in federal code.
11.110.210Tax Reform Act of 1969, state implementation—Trust instruments deemed to contain prohibiting provisions.
11.110.220Tax Reform Act of 1969, state implementation—Trust instruments deemed to contain certain provisions for distribution.
11.110.230Tax Reform Act of 1969, state implementation—Rights, powers, of courts, attorney general, not impaired.
11.110.250Tax Reform Act of 1969, state implementation—Application to trust created after June 10, 1971, or amendment to existing trust.
11.110.260Tax Reform Act of 1969, state implementation—Severability—RCW 11.110.200 through 11.110.260.
11.110.270Tax Reform Act of 1969, state implementation—Not for profit corporations.
11.110.900Severability—1967 ex.s. c 53.


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