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Frequently Asked Questions - Laws Affecting Libraries

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Misc. FAQs

Is the library under an obligation to follow a No Trespass Order between the library's landlord and a third party?
From Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington:
"Based on our understanding of the facts, the library is not a party to the No Trespass Order, so they should have no duty to ensure that the order is enforced. Indeed, it is probably best for the library not to be involved in the dispute between the landlord and [third party]. Unless or until (1) the [third party] cause issues with the library directly, or (2) the landlord formally involves the library, the library should continue to conduct its business as usual."
Further information may be found in the full MRSC opinion.
May a library board send requests to the community to support library-related election measures?
As per the Public Disclosure Commission:
A library board may submit such requests as long as no library resources were used; i.e. no library computers to send the message, and no official letterhead. Advocacy should be done from personal computers on personal time.

The materials on this website are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Always consult legal counsel for specific concerns.

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