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Although RCW 39.04.190 provides a uniform process when using a purchase contract in lieu of formal sealed bidding, it does not specify a dollar amount to determine when this approach is to be used. It simply states the following:

“The state statutes governing a specific type of municipality shall establish the maximum dollar thresholds of the contracts that can be awarded under this process, and may include other matters concerning the awarding of contracts for purchases, for the municipality.”

An alternative approach would be to sign an interlocal purchasing agreement with another library. Information about using interlocal agreements and examples may be found on the Interlocal Purchasing Agreements page from Procurement Services at the University of Washington. The Bidding Book for Washington Cities and Towns and The Bidding Book for Washington Counties from MRSC, provide step-by-step, easy-to-understand guidance on going out to bid.

See also RCW 39.34.

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