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Title info
   Digitization plan
      NEH Approved Essay
      Essay Notes

Title info

  • Ayer Annual1
    • Publish day: Evenings, except Sunday
    • Content: Independent
    • Established: 1903
    • Pages: 4-8
    • Size: 17x24 in.
    • Editor: none listed
    • Publisher: Press Publishing Company
  • Frequency: Daily, except Sunday
  • Coverage
    • Region: Northeast
    • County: Spokane
  • Unique ids
    • SN: sn88085947
    • OCLC: ocm18446894

Digitization plan

2008-2010 grant
  • Text not converted this grant cycle
  • Digitized 1902-1910 (14 reels)



  • Continues:
  • Continued by:
  • WSL publish history chart:

NEH Approved Essay

The Spokane Press was founded in 1902 by the Edward Willis (E. W.) Scripps as part of his newspaper chain. He wrote that "the journalistic policy of the new paper...be that of advocate and special pleader of the poor classes as against the whole plutocratic and aristocratic cominations, political, economic, and social."1 Scripps himself did not oversee the day-to-day operations of the paper, but the Spokane Press fulfilled its mission of serving the working classes by supporting labor issues and maintaining its price at one penny per issue. The Scripps papers also appealed to their readership through illustrations and cartoons, short, humorous articles, and championship of causes such as public ownership of utilities.

Unlike its sister papers in western Washington (the Tacoma Times [LCCN: sn88085187] and Seattle Star [LCCN: sn2008253048], the Spokane Press did not prove to be profitable. Under most circumstances the paper would have closed immediately, but Scripps conceived of the Press as a "buttress" paper that strengthened the Seattle "pillar" paper by providing news from eastern Washington to the Seattle Star and other Scripps papers. It was therefore allowed to continue printing, subsidized by the Tacoma and Seattle papers.

In 1920 E.W. Scripps quarreled with his son James Scripps and the five Pacific Northwest Scripps newspapers were brought under the exclusive control of James. James died in 1921, leaving his widow Josephine to manage these papers, which were the core of the Scripps-Canfield League, (later called the Scripps League). They included the Los Angeles Record [LCCN: sn95061067], Seattle Star, Tacoma Times , and Portland News [LCCN: sn86063742].

Essay Notes

Big stories during this time period is the Jeffries-Johnson fight, women's suffrage.


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    • 1902 Nov 7-1903 May 25
    • 1903 May 26-1904 May 20
    • 1904 May 21-Dec 31
    • 1905 Jan 2-Oct 16
    • 1905 Oct 17-1906 Oct 31
    • 1906 Nov 1-1907 Dec 12
    • 1907 Dec 13-1908 Nov 4
    • 1908 Nov 5-1909 May 20
    • 1909 May 21-Nov 2
    • 1909 Nov 3-Dec 31


e.g. Significant for its location on the U.S.-Canadian border - pearson, 2008/10/14 16:11

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