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This page gives you a quick overview of the learning paths on the site, some tips about how to use the wiki, and finally, how you can contribute to the site.

The Learning Paths

Some people like a sequential path for learning something new. Some like to hop and jump around wherever they have an interest or are intrigued. You can use the learning paths for a more sequential approach by working through them, or you can click and browse to something that interests you. For all of the learning paths, you are also welcomed to edit and improve upon them.

How to Use the Wiki

What is a wiki?

A wiki is simply an easily editable web page. It allows any registered person to make a change without having to know any special programming. Pages can be easily linked to form a more complicated web site if you wish. Wikis are good for building shared resources, co-writing or co-creating content, or simply a platform for creating a website. The first wiki was created in 1995 for a group of programmers. Now wikis are widely used. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia. But that is only one way to use a wiki. We are using a wiki as a way to share learnings across the Renew Washington grantees and more widely with other libraries.

The wiki we are using is based on a wiki software called http://www.screwturn.eu/ScrewTurn Software. They offer a general help section you can access to learn more or solve a specific challenge you might have.

To Navigate and Search the Wiki

On each page there are a few basic links on the left side. You can click on Navitation Paths which takes you to this page. (NOTE: WE HAVE SOME TERM INCONSISTENCIES TO FIX) You can use the search box, also on the left of each page, to search for a key word or topic.

As you navigate, the system also keeps track of the last two pages you visited, creating a "bread crumb" trail in case you wanted to return to the page you were just at. You can find the trail a the top of each page.

You may be interested in how a page has changed over time. You can see this by clicking on the "history" link towards the top right of any page. You can compare various versions.

How to Contribute to the Wiki

There are three ways you can contribute to this wiki. Most require that you join this wiki. Don't you have an account? You can create one.

  1. Make a suggestion for additions or changes to the wiki overall. This is the easiest. Consider it the "gateway" to wiki participation. Either email your suggestions to Nancy White (nancyw at fullcirc dot com)  or click on the "discuss" button on this page in the upper right hand area, click reply and type in/save your suggestions.
  2. Discuss a page -  comment on a page, make specific page suggestions on any page. Again, navigate to the page in question and click the discuss button and suggest!
  3. Improve upon an existing page or create a new page. This is where you really roll up your sleeves and take control! To do this you must be logged into the site. Simply click the "edit" button and begin typing.

ScrewTurn Wiki version Some of the icons created by FamFamFam.