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Web based technologies and even the telephone can enable us to do peer learning across distance and even time. A simple exchange of emails between two librarians. A webinar (a live event held on the web using specific technologies that allow people to see shared visuals, hear each other and often do text chat, hand-raising and polling) can enable practitioners from across the state to focus on a particular learning need or issue for an hour without having to travel farther than their closest computer.

Facilitating peer learning online requires two sets of skills: group facilitation in the online environment and knowing enough about technology to pick and/or use the online tools to support the group process of peer learning. This is also known as Technology Stewardship. We'll address this in Learning Path #7: Technology Stewardship.

Online Facilitation

Types of Online Learning Interactions

Facilitating Synchronous Events

See this separate page on Telephone Conference Call Facilitation Tips

Facilitating Asynchronous Events


See   Facilitating Online Peer Learning Checklist

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