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Multnomah resources are located and collected for this wiki when searching for resources in Washington counties that border Multnomah County. More resources are available; if you are preparing to release to Multnomah County, talk to library staff about locating additional resources.

Multnomah County Resources

  • Community Resource List [1]
    • List of resources compiled by the Multnomah County Health Department
  • Rent, Housing and Shelter [2]

REACH Community Development [3]

  • We create quality, affordable homes and opportunities for individuals, families and communities to thrive. We’re passionate about supporting people - those trying to rebuild their lives and those who just need a little help. We do this by offering a stable foundation to come home to every day as well as programs that inspire confidence essential for success.
  • Our Mission [4]
  • Find A Home [5]
    • Reach Properties [6]
  • FAQs [7] Printing note: all questions must be expanded prior to printing for answers to print
  • General Information Packet [8]
    • Paquete general informativo en español en la página Recursos Condado
    • General Information packet also available in Russian, ask library staff for copy.
  • Free Home Repairs City of Portland Only [9]
    • Our Community Builders Program serves elderly and/or disabled low-income homeowners that reside in the City of Portland. Ask Library Staff for application in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, or Vietnamese

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Multnomah Veterans' Services [10]

  • The goal of the Veterans Services Office is to provide benefits information, assistance and advocacy to all who have served and their families. Many Veterans are unsure of their entitlement to benefits so we ask that anyone who identifies as having served to contact our office to be directed to an appropriate resource.
  • Brochure [11]
  • FAQ [12]
  • Resources [13]

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