Adams County

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Community Services

Adams County Integrated Health Care Service [1]

  • Mental Health [2]
    • IHCS provides immediate care to individuals faced with an urgent need of a mental health nature. Services include crisis counseling, telephone crisis service, and evaluation for psychiatric hospitalizations. We provide 24-hour, seven days a week, immediate service throughout the county to those in crisis or faced with an emergency of a mental health nature. Our primary goal is to protect the individual and community from harm which may result from a mental health crisis.
    • Substance Use Disorder [3]
    • Contact and Appointment Information [4]
  • Emergency Housing Services [5]

Public Libraries

East Adams Library District [6]

  • Ask a Librarian [7]
  • Library Cards [8]
  • Computer & Internet Access [9]
  • Other Services [10]

Mid-Columbia Libraries [11]

Due to the low volume of people reentering to Adams County ILS staff has not researched reentry resources. If you require resources for Adams County please contact Library staff for assistance locating information.

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