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Policy Resources 2020/11/30 08:40 2020/11/30 08:41 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudPolicy, Resources
Policy 2014/01/23 12:39 2020/11/30 08:46 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudPolicy
May a damaged book belonging to a public library be donated to a patron after that patron has paid for the book’s replacement? 2020/12/04 10:27 2020/12/04 10:28 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy
Do state agencies have the authority to spend public funds in order to lobby on their own behalf? 2020/12/04 10:45 2020/12/04 10:54 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy
Is a County Prosecuting Attorney either required or authorized to provide legal advice and representation to a rural library district or a regional library composed of a rural library district and a city library? 2020/12/04 10:40 2020/12/04 11:03 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy
Do operational policies and procedures require board approval? 2020/12/04 11:06 2020/12/04 11:06 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy
May public libraries allow the display of campaign materials on their premises? 2020/12/04 11:07 2020/12/04 11:07 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy
May public libraries allow their meeting rooms to be used for political activities? 2020/12/04 11:09 2020/12/04 11:10 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy
Is there a process outlined in state law to determine if a book is obscene? 2020/12/04 11:14 2020/12/04 11:14 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy
What options are available for patrons who do not wish to have their addresses disclosed (such as for library card access) due to being a victim of domestic violence? 2020/12/04 11:24 2020/12/04 11:24 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy
Policy Frequently Asked Questions 2020/11/30 08:44 2020/12/04 11:27 Jeremy StroudJeremy StroudFAQ, Policy

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