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Newport Miner

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   Digitization plan
      NEH Approved Essay
      Essay Notes


  • Ayer Annual1
    • Content: Independent Republican
    • Established: 1899
    • Pages: 8
    • Size: 15x22
    • Editor: Clyde C. Henion / W.R. Herbert
    • Publisher: Miner Publishing Company
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Coverage
    • Region: Northeast
    • County: Pend Oreille
  • Unique ids
    • LCCN: sn87008085
    • OCLC: 15248685

Digitization plan

2010 grant
  • Plan to digitize 1907-1912 (5 reels)


  • Preceding title: Newport Pilot (1897-1900)
  • Related title: The Gem State miner (Old Town, Ida.) 1971-current

NEH Approved Essay

Newport, Washington, is located in the Pend Oreille Valley on the Washington/Idaho border. It was established in 1895 when townspeople from Newport (now Oldtown), Idaho migrated west with the Great Northern Railway line. Newport grew steadily as settlers developed agriculture (alfalfa and cattle), logging, milling (lumber and saw), and mining industries.

The origin of the Newport Miner is a subject of debate amongst local historians. Many believe that the Miner was originally published as the Newport Pilot LCCN sn88085919 in 1897-1900 and became known as the Newport Miner thereafter. However, others maintain that the Pilot and Miner were separately published weekly newspapers which merged sometime in 1900. This view is supported by bibliographic records found in Washington State Union List of Newspapers on Microfilm (1991) which indicates that the Pilot was “absorbed by,” as opposed to “continued by,” the Miner. The exact start date of the Miner is also contested by historians. According to current Miner publisher, Fred Willenbrock, “there are no known remaining copies of the first issue. Writings at the Pend Oreille County Historical Museum in Newport state that the first issue of the Miner was dated Aug. 19, 1899. The first issues that are known to exist are both at the museum – June 30, 1900, and July 7, 1900. These are the last two issues of the first year of publication. The second year of publication began on July 14, 1900, making one question the authenticity of the August startup date.” The Union List simply states that the Miner began in 1899 and thus cannot help clarify the ambiguity of the paper’s start date.

Fred L. Wolf was editor of the Miner in1907-12 and often used the paper as a platform for his personal interests. He dedicated significant space in the Miner to the establishment of the Flathead Indian Reservation (approved by Congress in 1904 and opened in 1909), the opening of the Newport Public Library in 1909, and the approval of the development of Pend Oreille County and its subsequent division from Stevens County in 1911. In addition to Wolf’s local causes, the Miner also featured short stories, serialized fiction, legal notices, local news briefs, and advertisements during this period.

Wolf remained at the helm of the paper for 38 years and is considered one of Pend Oreille’s greatest promoters and benefactors. The Miner has had several editors since but has continued as Newport’s primary weekly newspaper. In 1971, the paper also began being published as the Gem State Miner LCCN sn89055102, serving Newport’s sister city of Oldtown, Idaho.

Essay Notes

Arksey, Laura. "Brief History of Pend Oreille County." 2006. http://www.pendoreilleco.org/about/history.asp

City of Newport. "About Newport, Washington." 2011. http://www.newport-wa.org/other/about.html

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Pend Oreille Historical Society. "Historical and Genealogical Research Archives." http://www.pocmuseum.org/research.html

Willenbrock, Fred. "Newspaper Arrives before Most Institutions." The Miner. December 28, 2011. http://issuu.com/thenewportminer/docs/centennial_pages/1?mode=a_p


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  • Filmed by: WSL in 1967
  • Positives held by: WSL
    • Call Number: 33/B
    • Film condition: 1A position, dark film
    • Library holds: Nov. 09, 1907- Dec. 26, 1912; Lacks: (Jan 03 1913-Nov 23 1922); Nov. 30, 1922; Lacks: (Dec 07 1922-Feb 03, 1966); Feb. 10, 1966-
  • Negatives held by: Proquest
    • Call Number: 67043


  • film eval notes 1907-11-09 1909-01-07: There are several pages with damage (tears, or articles cut from the paper; damage occurs approximately once in every other issue) Early in the reel the paper seems a little discolored, but contrast improves later in the reel. Resolution, reduction ratio, and focus all look very good. Mostly good contrast and resolution, no gutter shadow or distortion. Nearly every issue has a small section cut out of at least one page. Although the reel says thru January 7, 1909, the last issue is December 31, 1908.
  • film eval notes 1909-01-07 1909-07-29: Good contrast and resolution. Early issues have small sections cut out but later in the reel this decreases.
  • film eval notes 1909-07-29 1910-11-24: Contrast is a little dark. A few issues have small sections cut out.
  • film eval notes 1910-11-24 1912-04-11: Some issues are dark. There are several missing issues on the reel, with targets included.
  • film eval notes 1912-04-11 1912-12-26: Some issues are dark but mostly good.


See Newport miner eval spreadsheets



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