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Essays of 250-500 words accompany the newspaper images on the Library of Congress website. This page organizes resources that will aid in the historical research necessary to create these brief essays. Completed essay drafts may be found on the Newspaper Titles page.

Essay Scope Requirements

Essay Style Guidelines


  1. Dobb, Bartley. Theses and Dissertations Concerning the Pacific Northwest/Alaska Relating to Communication: A Subject Bibliography Through 1970. Seattle: University of Washington, 1994.
  2. Mitchell, Marlene. Washington Newspapers: Territorial and State: A Bibliography and Checklist. Unpublished masters thesis, Seattle: University of Washington, 1964.
  3. UW Libraries - Microforms and Newspapers Dept. Bibliography for Pacific Northwest Minority, Ethnic, and Special Audience Newspapers. Seattle : University of Washington, 2003.



  1. Ayer & Sons and Rowell & Co. Newspaper directories, digitized and hosted by University of North Texas.
  2. N.W. Ayer & Son's American newspaper annual - digital copy at LOC
  3. Seattle City Directories, Seattle Public Library's digitized Polk's and other City Directories.
  4. UW Special Collections Directories List, UW Special Collections list of city directories some online, most shelved at Special Collections

Finding Aids

  1. UW Libraries - Special Collections Dept. Finding Aids for Archival Collections


  1. Connette, Earle. Pacific Northwest Quarterly Index. Hamden, CT : 1964 (This is an index for a newspaper/periodical that often mentioned news of newspapers around the Northwest).
  2. UW Libraries - Special Collections Dept. Pacific Northwest Regional Newspaper and Periodical Index (This online resource may not be complete - please visit UW Special Collections to check their card file as well).
  3. Washington State Library. Historic Newspapers in Washington. (Search other newspapers for mentions of editors or the newspapers - often newspapers will have a "Press Notes" sort of section where they talk about other newspapers.)


  1. Check library catlogs for relevant publications
    1. WorldCat
    2. WSL Catalog
    3. UW Catalog
    4. Washington historical quarterly Volumes 13-14 include brief histories of Washington Territorial Newspapers, written by Edmond Meany. Available in Suzzallo and Special Collections.
    5. Center For the Study of the Pacific Northwest website
    6. Frank Luther Mott. American Journalism: A history of newspapers in the United States through 250 years, 1690 to 1940. NY:MacMillan, 1941. A good source for a general overview of larger trends in newspaper history. Mentions some larger newspapers.
    7. Warren Brier. A history of newspapers in the Pacific Northwest 1846-1896 [dissertation]. u of Iowa 1957
    8. The Washington Newspaper periodical
    9. Sketches of Washingtonians, 1907 Source for info on publishers, reporters, etc.
    10. Washington State Press Association Annual Proceedings, shelved in special collections

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