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Ranch (Seattle)

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   Digitization plan
   Essay Draft
      Essay Notes




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Digitization plan

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  • e.g. Plan to digitize 1900-1913 (5 reels)


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Essay Draft

According to his memoirs, Miller Freeman had only $3.00 and a bicycle when he decided to start his own newspaper in 1897. At the age of twenty-one, Miller was the last of his siblings to leave the shadow of his father, Legh Freeman, who had published numerous small papers while moving the family westward. Miller had learned printing while working on the Frontier Index [LCCN:sn84022156] (also known as the "Press on Wheels") and most recently the Washington Farmer [LCCN:see note]. When Legh refused to pay Miller for his continued work on the papers, Miller decided to leave the family enterprise and start his own.

Though the Washington Farmer was ostensibly an agricultural journal, Legh Freeman had employed it as a political organ supporting William Jennings Bryant. Young Miller, who had witnessed the struggle to found the state agricultural college, saw that there was a need for a publication devoted to the scientific advancement of agricultural practice. He also decided to make his new venture apolitical. He arranged to print his Ranche and Range[LCCN:2007252185] on the printing press of the Yakima Republic [LCCN:sn88085525] when it was idle. His paper soon made a profit and he promptly moved from North Yakima, Washington to Seattle.

Not long after moving to Seattle in 1897, Miller Freeman changed the name of his publication to the Ranch. In 1903 he founded Pacific Fisherman [LCCN:2008253152]. He sold the Ranch for a brief period between 1908-1910 to Leonard Fowler of Wenatchee. A discussion with a business colleague led him to reconsider his decision and to entertain the idea of starting a regional agricultural paper franchise. He bought back the the Ranch and renamed it the Washington Farmer[LCCN:2008252689]. He also purchased the Oregon Agriculturalist and Gem State Rural, renaming them the Oregon Farmer[LCCN:sv 88089129] and Idaho Farmer. During this period he also started Pacific Motorboat. The management of the three agricultural papers became very onerous and Freeman found that his true interest was in the industrial papers. In 1915 Freeman sold the three agricultural papers to the publisher of the Spokesman Review of Spokane, Washington.

note to Ralph: This Washington Farmer is the The Washington farmer. (Yakima, Wash.) 1884-1899, but due to an error in the LC database I was unable to look up the number.There does seem to be a record for it, though! It should not be confused with the later Washington Farmer

According to an oregon state university record, the Oregon Agriculturalist merged with another paper and changed its name to "Oregon agriculturist and the rural Northwest" in about 1896. I cannot find a record or number for this title. Also found no appropriate records or numbers for Gem State Rural, Idaho Farmer, or Pacific Motorboat. Much of the information for this essay was taken from: Freeman, Miller. The memoirs of Miller Freeman 1875-1955. 1956 http://uwashington.worldcat.org/oclc/8715532.

Essay Notes

Heuterman p 32: Yakima Publishing company (CP Wilcox, EH Libby, WH Wilcox, George N Tuesley) published the Yakima Republic and the Ranch, which "first came off the Herald press January 18, 1894."
  • There is a lot about the history of this paper in Heuterman's thesis.


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  3. Chronicling America record (LOC) - The ranch. (Seattle, Wash.) 1902-1914
  4. Chronicling America record (LOC) - The Washington Farmer (1914-1971)
  5. WorldCat record - Title of newspaper
  6. WSL record - Title of newspaper
  7. UW record - Title of newspaper


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