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   Digitization plan
   Essay Draft


  • Ayer Annual1
    • Publish day: Thursday
    • Content: Socialist
    • Established: 1912
    • Pages:
    • Size: 15 1/2 x 19 3/4 in.
    • Editor: Maynard Shipley
    • Publisher: Press Committee of the Socialist Party of Snohomish County
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Coverage
    • Region:
    • County: Snohomish
  • Unique ids
    • SN: sn88085769
    • OCLC: ocm18197849

Digitization plan

2008-2009 grant
  • Plan to digitize 1914-1915 (1 reel)
  • Washington Socialist 1914-1915, The Northwest Worker 1915-1917, and Co-operative News 1917-1918 all appear on the same reel: A3099


Essay Draft

The Commonwealth [LCCN:sn84025731], an Everett, Washington Socialist weekly, found itself deep in debt after only three years of publication. Though business manager Katherine Hodgins was able to make the paper pay its current bills and some of its debt after she took leadership in January of 1914, debt collectors took over the Commonwealth's assets at the end of March. Encouraged by Hodgins' success in management, a meeting was held and the Socialists of Snohomish County decided to start a new paper, The Washington Socialist. This paper lasted until June 1915, when it was renamed The Northwest Worker [LCCN:sn88085770]. These frequent name changes are the result of financial pressures and attempts to broaden the appeal of the paper to a greater geographic area, thereby increasing subscription income. The leadership, ownership, and content of the papers was generally consistent from title to title. As with the Commonwealth and the subsequent Northwest Worker, the Washington Socialist served as a promotional and educational instrument for the Socialist Party, reporting on national, state and local Socialist Party events and issues.

Maynard Shipley served as editor throughout this period. Important events covered by the Washington Socialist include wars in Mexico and Europe, labor strife in the West, and elections. In August of 1914 a Socialist (James M. Salter) was elected Commissioner of Public Works, the highest office ever held by a Socialist in Everett. Notably absent from the paper are reports of internal strife within the Socialist party.



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WSL positives of these three titles are on separate reels. I looked at UW master reel and confirmed that all three titles exist on one reel. Starts with Washington Socialist, then Northwest Worker, then Co-operative News. lrobinson, 2009/04/01 09:50



See Washington Socialist eval spreadsheets (Google)



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