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  • Ayer Annual1
    • Content: Independent
    • Established: 1903-1949
    • Pages: 4
    • Size: 17x22 in.
    • Editor:
    • Publisher: Tacoma Times Publishing Co.; Yakima Herald Pub. Co. (later 19??)3
  • Frequency: Daily (evening, except Sun.)
  • Coverage
    • Region: Pierce2
    • County: Pierce
  • Unique ids
    • LCCN: sn88085187
    • OCLC: 17347623

Digitization plan

2008-2009 grant
  • Plan to digitize WSL's 1909-1918 reels (24 reels) and UW's 1903-1904; 1907 reel (1 reel)
  • Also checking on paper copies
  • Substitute for now. Checking to see where negatives are.


  • Succeeding title:
  • Related titles: Los Angeles Record, Seattle Star, Spokane Press, Portland News. These paper were also part of the Scripps-Canfield League (later Scripps League).

Essay Draft

The Tacoma Times was one of several west coast papers founded by E.W. Scripps. Scripps' approach to the newspaper business was to provide minimal funding for printing equipment and facilities in small or mid-sized cities. He would leave the day-to-day operation of the paper in the hands of ambitious young editors who were offered stock in the company. National content was distributed to his newspaper chain through the Scripps-McRae telegraphic news service. This was combined with content about the local community created by the local editorial staff. In 1902 Scripps founded the National Enterprise Association (NEA), a service for distributing editorial cartoons, illustrations, and articles on specialized subjects such as fashion and sports. The Tacoma Times features many of these graphics. It was Scripps' ambition to provide news that would serve a working-class audience, and the Tacoma Times does occasionally include labor news between its lengthy descriptions of crimes and scandals.

In 1920 E.W. Scripps quarreled with his son James Scripps and the five Pacific Northwest Scripps newspapers were brought under the exclusive control of James. James died in 1921, leaving his widow Josephine to manage these papers, which were the core of the Scripps-Canfield League, (later called the Scripps League). They included the Los Angeles Record [LCCN: sn95061067], Seattle Star [LCCN: sn2008253048], Spokane Press [LCCN: sn88085947], and Portland News [LCCN: sn86063742].

The Tacoma Times was edited by some of the first graduates from the University of Washington's journalism program. Roy Pinkerton was part of the first class to graduate from the program in 1911 and began editing the Times in 1915 . He left the paper in 1921 and after editing a few other Scripps papers founded the Ventura County (CA) Star[LCCN: sn95062154] in 1925. Another UW graduate, Ralph Benjamin, took Pinkerton's place in 1921. His first editorship had been at the Olympia Recorder[LCCN: sn88085358]. He served as editor-in-chief of the Scripps-Canfield League papers into the 1930s. He quit to work as supervisor of transportation, and his involvement with the Teamster's Union led him back into the newspaper industry as editor of the Washington Teamster[LCCN: sn88085788] from 1941-1956.

Essay Notes

Tacoma Times part of the Scripps-Canfield League after 1920. Before that, part of Scripps-McRae League, a newspaper chain, 1892-1914.1


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    Monday, Feb. 16, 1948, Time Magazine Article


One issue on a misc reel (09-22-1894 on reel 2826) and 1909-1934 (reels 1050-1103) negatives exist in State Archives vault.lrobinson, 2009/02/09 17:39

Checked for negatives and couldn't find any significant collection. UW has 1 reel in 1900-1923 time period. UMI/Proquest has 1940-42. WSHS does not have any of this title. Will check state archives books. lrobinson, 2009/02/06 15:18

Trying to locate a more consistent run of this title - Glenda mentioned that perhaps WSHS has some microfilm negatives. Glenda mentioned this title was the one that seems the most requested by Tacoma researchers/librarians lrobinson, 2009/01/28 18:13

"Sensational headlines but substantive mix of local and national news. Good use of graphics. Covers international news well, including the Russo-Japanese War. Editorials tend to be against the trusts, pro-peace. Excellent advertising displays that increase into the 20th century. Microfilm: A4690 22X. Good quality film but too many gaps. WSA holdings better. Mitchell (1964) reports holdings at Tacoma Public Library. Nothing at UMI for time period needed."2 lrobinson, 2009/01/28 18:13




  • Filmed by: WSL (one reel 1903-12-21 thru 1907-05-18 by UW)
  • Positives held by: WSL and UW
  • Negatives held by: UW and Washington State Archives
  • Positive Holdings
    • Location: UW MicNews; WSL
    • Call Number: UW A4690 - reel 1 only; WSL 50/409
    • Library holds: UW 1903-1904;1907 (1 reel); WSL 1909-1923 (24 reels)
  • Negative Holdings:
    • State Archives holds 1909-1934
      • 1909-1923 (24 reels)
    • UW holds 1903-1907 (1 reel)


See Tacoma times eval spreadsheets (Google)



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