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Darren Kuropatwa on Flickr with Creative Commons License

Darren Kuropatwa on Flickr with Creative Commons License

Welcome to the Peer Learning Wiki

Purpose of this resource

Librarians have been doing peer learning since the first library opened it's doors. Learning happens between librarians, between patrons, community members and organizations. Today this is still happening within the library buildings and BEYOND! With with web based tools, we have more possibilities. These tools have expanded what it means to "be together" to learn with and from each other.

This web resource is a collection of basic materials about peer learning. There are explanations, links and resources about peer learning, how to facilitate peer learning, and how to use online tools for peer learning. The resources can be used in a wide variety of situations with, within and between libraries, patrons and communities.

How to use this wiki

The resources have been organized both on individual wiki pages as Peer Learning Resources, and in a series of "learning paths." You will see that some of them are complete, some are just started and some don't exist yet. That is because this is an evolving, collaborative resource.

The learning paths can be thought of as "mini-lessons" or thematic collections within the overall site. The learning paths and resources are flexible elements that you can use in many ways. We have identified some specific learning paths but you can also create your own. You can dip in and out of the site to get information, ideas and resources whenever and however you wish. (to see another example of this sort of format see http://c4lpt.co.uk/140Learning/index.html - which also has some great resources we can use. Note, Jane has copyrighted those materials, so we can either link or ask for permission. I know Jane so the latter is a possibility -NW.)

We suggest you start with our quick "overview" learning path that gives you a sampling of the major areas of the site.

Learning Paths

Peer Learning Resources

You can also browse the Peer Learning Resources which offers worksheets, fact sheets and links to useful resources and materials found elsewhere on the web.

Peer Learning Web Archives

Recordings of our Elluminate sessions

Apr 06, 2010, [Tue] 01:16 PM Pacific (PDT, North America/US) [11.141 MB]

Apr 08, 2010, [Thu] 08:22 AM Pacific (PDT, North America/US) [9.0254 MB]

Apr 28, 2010, [Wed] 08:27 AM Pacific (PDT, North America/US) [8.6252 MB]

Apr 28, 2010, [Wed] 01:30 PM Pacific (PDT, North America/US) [6.76 MB]

Apr 29, 2010, [Thu] 08:58 AM Pacific (PDT, North America/US) [11.1683 MB]

May 27, 2010, [Thu] 08:25 AM Pacific (PDT, North America/US) [5.5296 MB] - Communications

May 27, 2010, [Thu] 01:32 PM Pacific (PDT, North America/US) [3.4309 MB]- Communications

Jun 15, 2010, [Tue] 08:07 AM Pacific (PDT, North America/US) [6.8067 MB]- Evaluation

How do contribute to this resource

This resource is built on a tool called a wiki. A wiki is a tool that creates easily editable websites that people can edit without knowing any special computer codes. New pages can be added, links can be created between pages, making this an evolving resource. You can comment on any resource, contribute new content, even design specific learning paths that reflect your need and which may be useful to others. You can read more on the Quick Overview Learning Path page.

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