Telephone Conference Call Facilitation Tips

From Circle Associates, used with permission.

Telephone and Web Meeting Facilitation Tips

These tips are useful for telephone or VoIP (voice over IP such as Skype) and can even be used for webinars or web meetings (using platforms like Wimba, Elluminate and WebEx). There are additional things you can do with the tools in web meeting platforms

Purpose of the Call

Group telephone calls can be used for many purposes. Do you know why you are having a call? Consider:

Telephone calls for groups in:

Teleconferences support processes of:

Agenda Preparation

Identifying Roles in Advance

Technical Set Up

Scheduling and Preparation

Starting the Call

General Call Etiquette

You might want to share this via email in advance.

Attention & Engagement

Interactive Techniques



More Telephone Conference Call Tips and Resources

Thanks for input from EE Kim, John Smith, Bronwyn Stuckey, Beth Kanter, Nathaniel Borenstein and Michael Owens.